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Cory and Kerry Shoemake

“Stephen Sharpe made our vision a reality.”

When we began seriously discussing buying a new house, Stephen Sharpe was incredibly gracious in walking us through every question we had. His candor, knowledge, and professionalism were instrumental in our decision to make an offer on the new house. As the new home’s construction was being completed, Stephen was terrific at listening to our thoughts and suggestions, and he guided the finishing touches to completely align with making our vision a reality. He remained available over the years for any questions and thoughts we had, and he and his family were terrific neighbors.

We do not hesitate to recommend Stephen Sharpe for any of your construction, renovation, or remodeling needs.

Chancellors - Kyle and April Denham


Our Family has flourished in our new home, largely due to our successful efforts in working with Steven Sharpe to create a living space which truly satisfied our needs and wants. Sharing our experience with others about Steven is as easy as ABC and 123... let me elaborate:

A level-headed, tempered and passionate builder is who we came to know with Steven.

Because he strives to truly satisfy family needs, is why we've experienced nothing but positives in our new home.

Caring, respectful, and timeliness were Steven's characteristics which shined brightest for us.

1. He actually likes a job well-done, and expects nothing less.

2. Choosing contractors who share his devotion to job-done-right is all he works with.

3. A true Team Mate Steven was from our first visit with him... all the way through post-purchase.

He could be our Wing Man Anytime.

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